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Our Story

Everspoon is made up of families a lot like yours. We know life gets busy.

The best meal plans can turn on a dime, a text or an email. Between school, sports, lessons, (insert your activity here), work etc., planning and cooking a meal can sometimes take a backseat. Sometimes you need a life hack – a way to find more time to get it all done.

We created Everspoon because we believe time around the table is today’s pause button. All the tablets, phones and devices are quiet in their chargers and it’s time to connect with your family – We know we can’t succeed every night, but it’s a great goal.

Even on your busiest day Everspoon makes preparing a family meal easy. We handle the planning, shopping and chopping; you do the cooking. Averaging under $10/person, you get delicious, flash-frozen, prepped-to-cook meals delivered to your door and an hour+ back. We make eating together as a family possible.