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How It Works

How it Works

From our kitchen to yours, in three easy steps.
Create your menu

Select entrees, sides and desserts from our online menu. Mix and match your favorite entrees with one or more different sides to create a menu just right for you and your family.

Select your delivery date

You pick your delivery day. Meals come in our custom Everspoon carriers and generally stay freezer-ready for at least 12 hours after delivery if you’re not home.

Serve or

All our meals are prepped-to-cook so prepare that evening, or save for a later date. Everspoon meals are flash frozen to preserve the nutrition and flavor. Best of all, they’ll stay fresh and ready to cook when you are.


Order when you want.

There’s no commitment.  You have total flexibility when ordering with Everspoon. Order as you go or make it easier and enter your preferences in your account so we can help you with reminders, menu recommendations and special offers.  

Each Everspoon menu item comes with two servings so you can order the right amount for you and your family.

Get Started

Easy to prepare.

All of our meals are tested in kitchens like yours and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.  We have minimized “active cooking time” which means less time spent chopping, slicing and hovering over multiple pots and pans. Most importantly, it means you get an hour+ back. It’s so easy, even the kids can get hands-on with the prep.

We know that life is busy and sometimes you’ll forget to begin thawing in the morning.  No worries… almost all of our meals can be cooked from frozen.



Delivered to your door

You choose your delivery day. Meals are packaged in our custom Everspoon carriers so they stay freezer-ready for at least 12 hours after delivery in normal conditions.  Everspoon meals ordered before 9AM EST Monday through Thursday can be delivered by UPS or FedEx as early as the next day depending upon your location.

We deliver to most homes on the East Coast. Check to see if we deliver to your area.

Click here to see if we deliver to your state!

Ready when you are.

Our food comes flash frozen to lock in nutrition and flavor. We are proud of our flash freezing process.  Flash freezing allows for a longer shelf life – no worries about spoiled food – and no freezer burn. When Everspoon arrives, meals can be added to your freezer or your table…it’s up to you.

And let’s not forget flexibility. Our vacuum-sealed portions for two allow you to plan for just the right number around the table.  Ready for whatever the day brings.



Prepared with fresh ingredients.

We only use high quality ingredients from sources that provide fresh, reliable foods that meet or exceed our high standards. We strive to use the most natural ingredients available so we can consistently deliver healthy, delicious choices. Our formula of quality and freshness at an honest value produces exceptional meals for your family at a price that makes sense.