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General Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Everspoon?

Everspoon provides flexible, prepped-to-cook meal delivery to busy families. Created by families, for families, we deliver a selection of flash-frozen meal kits to make eating together as a family possible. Everspoon is an easy, convenient alternative to eating out, ordering in, or scrambling to make something from scratch.

You order your meals online and we deliver flash frozen entrees and sides (starting at $8/meal) right to your home in our Everspoon carriers. We handle the planning, shopping and chopping; you do the cooking. You get an hour+ back.

Everspoon was developed by the owners of the Let’s Dish! Mid-Atlantic stores, a retail meal preparation service.

Why doesn't my promo code/coupon code work?

There are several reasons that you might get a message indicating that your promo code is invalid. First, check to make sure that you have set up an account and are logged in (Everspoon codes only worked if you are logged in). Second, please check to make sure that the promo code has not expired. Third, double check to confirm you are meeting the requirements of the promo code (often that is a minimum purchase but could also be a type of meal, a count of items, a number of previous orders, etc.).  Finally, please make sure you are entering your promo code in the correct field (and not in the gift cards field). When in doubt, please contact us and we will look into the issue. 

Does Everspoon deliver in my area?

We can ship to much of the eastern half of the U.S. To see if we deliver to your area, please click here. You will be directed to a map of our delivery area.

How do I contact customer service?

The best way to reach us is via email (help@everspoon.com). Alternatively you can call at 410-504-1286 Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM EST. During business hours we’ll get back to you typically in 4 hours or less.

Where are my cooking instructions?

We give you many places to access your Everspoon cooking instructions. First, we put a quick & easy version of the instructions for each meal you order right on the packing list that arrives in the box with every order.  Look for that sheet and save it in your kitchen and reference it any time you need it (many customers like to put it on the fridge right next to kids' school papers and artwork!). Many of your say you want to access them digitally, so we have you covered there, too!  On the Menu Archive page you can find the 'fancier" PDF sheets-- download them, print them…it’s up to you. You can also browse over to the items themselves in our Menu-- each one has the PDF again but also a simpler text version of the instructions that many of our customers prefer to use on smartphones and tablets. Finally, you can look for simple, abbreviated instructions coming soon right on the product labels. Happy cooking!

What is the average cost of an Everspoon meal?

Each entrée serves two people. Our meals also vary. Some come with a specially curated side from our Everspoon chefs; some meals are are-all-in-one meals; and some entrées offer the flexibility of chosing your own side(s). Pricing typically ranges from $8-12 per person.

Do you offer free delivery?

For now, our standard shipping charge is just $20. That amount helps partially to offset our insulating foam, the dry ice, boxes, the labeling and the freight charges from our carriers.  Above $99.99 on an order, we discount that fee to $15. We ship for free above $149, which is the price of an average sized Everspoon order (8 two-serving meals, or the equivalent of 4 meals for a family of 4).

What time should I expect my delivery?

Your food will arrive via Fedex or UPS on your selected delivery date typically between 9am and 6pm (depending upon the shipping service and your regular delivery time for that service). Weather and traffic conditions can cause variation. Please note that once your box leaves our warehouse, we no longer have any control over it. You will receive an email with your tracking number the evening before your box is scheduled to arrive and you can monitor its progress there. We also utilize this tracking information to try to stay ahead of any issues and we will of course help you sort out any delivery problems that occur.  Note that we will sometimes cancel or change scheduled deliveries if we have reason to believe they will fail (like if there is an impending snowstorm) but we will communicate that to you.

Why frozen vs. fresh?

Flash-freezing locks in the food’s natural flavors and nutrition and allows for a longer shelf life without freezer burn. We don't want you to be stressed out about food going bad in your fridge- Everspoon is about great food that’s convenient and ready when you are.

Would Everspoon work well for my older parents / relatives / friends?

Younger families are no doubt our largest customer segment. But we are pleased that we are seeing more and more empty-nesters and seniors join our Everspoon family. Most of those come to us via thoughtful recommendations from their own friends or adult children. Much like Everspoon is perfect for busy younger families, it also works great for folks who still want to cook, but prefer the prep to be simplified and don't want the time pressure of spoiling risk. Read below in these FAQ about how easy Everspoon meals are to prepare and about how you can delight someone special by sending them a gift of an Everspoon order or a gift card so they can pick their own meals.  Or both!


How often does the menu change?

New Everspoon menu items will be added every 4-8 weeks for a greater variety and the availability of seasonal foods. However, we plan to keep favorites on the menu permanently or semi-permanently (at least seasonally).  We constantly try to strike the balance between the new and the "old faves" because we find that our customers really want both! 

What are the serving sizes?

The vast majority of our entrées and sides serve two adults. Order as many as you need so you can plan for just the right number around your table. Our typical customer is cooking for a family of 4, which means 2 Everspoon meals per night. But we have plenty of 2 serving customers, too. And if four suddenly turns into six, just add an additional package for two.  We typically offer a handful of items that serve 4 or more (usually slow-cooker meals which really only work well with larger cuts of meat) or even 8+ (usually higher-end desserts meant to have large numbers of small portions). Some folks ask why we don't offer other sizes like 1- or 3- or 5-serving meals. The reason is that it's simply not economical to produce all those different sizes. 2- and 4 serving meals covered the greatest possible percentage of our customers. Plus, everyone loves a good leftover! :)

What if I don’t want a side?

Prefer no side with your entrée? Just select  “No Side” from the drop-down menu when placing your order. The price will adjust accordingly.  (Some "all-in-one" meals do not come with a side, which means you won't have to do anything at all.)

Why do we offer a standard serving size of 2 (and not 1 or 3, etc.)?

Many customers ask us this, especially if they are single or come from a family of 3 or 5. We standardize on a serving size of 2 for a number of reasons. We know it is the most popular size based on over ten years of experience in the meal prep industry and our extensive pre-launch research. We therefore standardized on 2 servings as our “base” product so that our customers could order multiples of 2 (2, 4, 6, 8, more!) in order to reach their desired total servings. Finally, we know from experience that many of our customers LOVE having leftovers, so round up and then enjoy Everspoon the next day for lunch!

Do you offer subscriptions?

Not at this time. However, we are always interested in what our customers want and may consider adding this service in the future since a growing number of you are asking for it to simplify your lives even more. Please let us know if you feel strongly about it!

Do you have a minimum order size?

Like most e-commerce food retailers, we do have a minimum. That is because food is very expensive to ship because it's heavy and requires a box, insulation material, ice, extensive handling and storage, etc. Plus, cold food actually ships better when there is more of it-- it helps keep your entire order at the desired temp!  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our best customers tell us that Everspoon works best for them when they order enough food that they are prepared for whatever life throws at them.  You have to have a couple meals on hand at all times to get the most out of Everspoon.  Besides, our average repeat order is over $150 so it hardly ever comes into play anyway :)

How do I change or cancel an existing order?

Due to the nature of our products, Everspoon picks and packs our products very quickly after ordering. If you would like to cancel your order, you need to reach out to us by 9am 3 business days before your products are due to arrive. If you are within this time window, please send an email to help@everspoon.com.

Food & Ingredients

How do you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?

We try to offer a wide variety of entrees and sides so those with food allergies or dietary restrictions can still select from our menus. Each current entrée and side listed on the website includes a detailed list of ingredients that you should review carefully before making your selection. If the item is from a previous menu you can find the information in our archive.

We can’t guarantee that our ingredients are packaged in an allergen-free facility. We do our best to accommodate a range of dietary needs by offering menu items that have no added gluten and menu items that are nut-free and others that are dairy-free.

What is the difference between a "topper" and side?

A "topper" is a much smaller portion that is meant to be used to add flavor or garnish to the dish but not intended as a full side dish. 

Can I rate my meals?

Yes! We love feedback. You can rate meals by logging into your account and going into your order history. We use the ratings to create future menus and to alert you when your favorites are on the current menu!

Where do I find nutritional information?

Each entrée and side includes a detailed list of ingredients as well as a food label that you should review carefully before making your selection. All nutrition facts are displayed as the second image in each product.  Just click on it and it will display.  If the item is from a previous menu you can find the information in our archive.  And of course, after you buy your Everspoon meals, each meal in your freezer has a full label on it for your reference.

How do I know the spice level will be right for me?

While we spend a lot of time working to achieve the level of flavor we think our customers will love, it's not easy to hit the right notes for everyone. Please feel free to add a pinch more salt, pepper or seasoning of your choice, or even a splash of hot sauce if you are daring! We encourage you to have fun and make it your own and we always want to hear your ideas! 

Are your ingredients local and/or organic?

We only use high quality ingredients from sources that provide fresh, reliable foods that meet or exceed our high standards, but we do not currently source organic foods. We strive to use the most natural ingredients available so we can consistently deliver quality, delicious choices for your family at an affordable price. We plan to continue to evolve our menu, ingredients and sourcing to best meet the needs of our customers so let us know what’s important to you. Contact Us

How many calories are in each meal?

See each entrée or side for specific calories. If the item is from a previous menu, you can find the information in our archive or on the label on the product itself.


Where does Everspoon ship from?

With R&D, production and logistics facilities in MD and VA, we can serve customers in most of the eastern half of the USA.  Our central location gives us complete control over the quality of the ingredients, preparation and delivery.

Who delivers my package?

We ship our meals in special insulated Everspoon carriers via one or two day ground shipping (typically FedEx or UPS).

What about weather delays?

Unfortunately, weather happens. Unlike your regular orders from other online retailers, food is perishable. So, we watch the forecast carefully and work with our shipping partners to reschedule when necessary. It doesn’t happen often and we always let you know.

Can you deliver to a business address?

We primarily ship to home addresses, but we can usually ship to businesses, too. However, we cannot be responsible for handling once your meals arrive.

What if I’m not home when my food is delivered? How do you keep the food fresh/frozen in transit?

We must ship “No Signature Required” so the driver can leave the food if you are not home to receive it. Our food will generally remain freezer-ready for at least 12 hours or after delivery in normal conditions (i.e., don’t leave it in the direct sun on your front porch for too long). There may be a little bit of defrosting, but this is not a cause for concern – the key is for the food to stay below 41 degrees for food safety. Upon receipt, please put your meals in the freezer to maintain the high quality of the food.

How much of the packaging is recyclable?

Our boxes are 100% recyclable. Break them down and stick them in the recycling bin! Many municipalities WILL recycle the foam insulation, but they often require you to take it to special drop off locations.  Check with your local waste & recycling department to find out more.

Gifts & Gift Cards

How do I order gifts cards / certificates?

It’s easy! Go to the gift card page and follow the 3-step instructions. Be sure to enter your billing information at check out. All of our gift cards are digital e-giftcards and will be emailed to the recipient. 

How do I Redeem a gift card?

Just go through and add items to your cart. When you are ready to checkout, remember to enter the gift card code before completing payment. The Gift Card code box (along with the Promo Code box and the Referrals code box) is on the Cart page.  If you are on the Checkout page, you have gone too far and you should click "back" on your browser or click the Cart icon in the top right corner of our site.

How to I obtain a physical gift card?

Like most small e-merchants, we do not offer physical gift cards. But there is an easy way to give a physical gift card and/or delay sending a card if you want to buy it now but give it later-- simply send it to YOURSELF! That way YOU will receive the digitial gift card and you can print it out or forward it later to your friend or loved one.

I want to purchase multiple gift cards, should I buy them all at one time?

We recommend purchasing multiple gift cards separately so that you are given one confirmation and order number per gift card. This helps track each individual gift card more easily for everyone. You CAN purchase multiple cards on one order, which can be convenient if you are shopping for a lot of friends at once. Just be sure you have the "To" and "From" correct so everyone gets the intended card! :)  And make yourself the recipient if you intend to print out the card.

Can I send someone an order directly as a gift?

Of course! They will love you for it (and so will we!). All you have to do is create your account and select the meals you would like to send to your gift recipient. At checkout, you simply enter their information in the Ship-To section and your information in the Bill-To section. We even provide a field to write a personalized message that will go on the packing slip in the box. The packing slip will contain the items and the message but no pricing or cost info-- that will only come to you via email as the buyer and account holder. 

Preparation And Cooking

How long does it take to prepare a meal? Is it difficult?

Most Everspoon meals can be prepared in under 30 minutes and often WELL under that. Our meals indicate both total cooking time as well as “active cooking” time. For example, a meal that bakes in the oven might take 60 minutes total but only 5 minutes “active cooking” time (e.g., assembling the ingredients in a pan before putting it in the oven). All our meals are tested in actual home kitchens so we can assure you’ll get the same results in your kitchen. We think this is super important-- all our customers appreciate our quality ingredients and want to do at least some cooking at home. Otherwise, they'd just get takeout! But we are all busy and just don't have time to do too much cooking. We like to talk about "the onion" as a great example: when a meal calls for chopped onion, most of our competitors will just send you the onion and tell you to chop it. We, on the other hand, will send you that onion already chopped. We have nothing against chopping onions-- we just don't want to do it on a busy Tuesday night.

What happens if I lose my cooking instructions?

We give you many places to access your Everspoon cooking instructions. First, we put a quick & easy version of the instructions for each meal you order right on the packing list that arrives in the box with every order.  Look for that sheet and save it in your kitchen and reference it any time you need it (many customers like to put it on the fridge right next to kids' school papers and artwork!). Many of your say you want to access them digitally, so we have you covered there, too!  On the Menu Archive page you can find the 'fancier" PDF sheets-- download them, print them…it’s up to you. You can also browse over to the items themselves in our Menu-- each one has the PDF again but also a simpler text version of the instructions that many of our customers prefer to use on smartphones and tablets. Finally, you can look for simple, abbreviated instructions coming soon right on the product labels.  Happy cooking!

Darn, I forgot to thaw the meal I wanted to make tonight-- now what!?!?

It happens to the best of us- life sometimes gets in the way. We do a couple things when this happens to us.  The first is that we just pivot and grab another Everspoon meal that cooks from frozen-- yet anothre reason it's good to keep a steady supply of our meals in your freezer! :) But then if that's not an option, you can often defrost our meals pretty quickly using your defrost features on your microwave or by running the meal under cool running water (be sure always to follow good safe handling procedures with all food, not just Everspoons). We are constantly looking to share "pro tips" about how best to do this sort of thing on our website, on Facebook, in blogs, etc.  And some customers share those sorts of tips in the comments/reviews for each meal. We aim to formalize these sorts of tips in the future.  Don't be scared and give it a whirl- folks have been defrosting meals for generations! Please do remenber, though, that a meal meant to be thawed will taste best when thawed properly (which typically means overnight in your fridge); it's not that it will turn out poorly if you "speed thaw" it, just that it might be somewhat better the original way. There is room for judgement in the kitchen! And if we really don't think a certain method works well, we will say so! Meanwhile, please share your experiences with us and with each other- we are all in this life thing together and every little life hack helps!

How long will my meals keep in the freezer?

A long time! Remember, our meals are frozen to eliminate the stress of worrying about ingredients going bad in your fridge. In a normal freezer Everspoon meals will last for at least 12 months, but we suggest you enjoy within three months for the very best taste. Be sure to restock your freezer and plan ahead to make your life evereasier.

Managing Your Account

How do I log in to my account?

There is a login on the upper right hand corner of every page – including this one. If you are already registered enter your username and password. If you have not registered, click here.

How do I change the default shipping address on my account?

Once you are logged in to your account, go to “My Account” and to the “Address Book”.  Click Edit next to Billing or Shipping address.  You can also store multiple ship-to addresses.

How do I change my password for my account?

Once logged in to Everspoon, go to “My Account”.  Go to “Account Information” and click “Change Password” box.  You will be prompted to change your password.

What if I forgot my password?

Go to “Log In” on the upper right side of menu.  On the Log In page, click the link “Forgot your Password?” and you will be prompted to enter an email address where you will be sent a link to reset your password.

How do I change the billing information on my account?

Once logged in to Everspoon go to “My Account”. You can edit your billing address under “Address Book”. 

How do I unsubscribe from newsletter and email?

Like most e-commerce retailers, we use a 3rd party email engine. Therefore, the best way to unsubscribe is to click on an "unsubscribe" link in the footer of a recent email that you received from us.